LOM PRAHA TRADE a.s. operates as a business broker, mostly in the fields of helicopter airframe maintenance, maintenance of heavy aggregates (engines, gearboxes) and other aggregates. Aviation training and ground staff training are among other significant specializations of the company.

Euro-American zone

The Euro-American zone covers Western Europe and North and South Americas. Cooperation with European aviation manufacturers and the development of USfunded projects for third-world countries is of great importance for the Company.

African-Asian zone

This zone covers business with Africa, the Middle East and Asia. From the Company’s perspective, these markets have significant potential due to their size and ongoing dynamic development. The Company is particularly active in the African and Middle East markets.

Russian zone

The Russian zone covers predominantly the Russianspeaking countries, in addition to the Eastern European countries. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is important for the Company in terms of trading Russian technology that still plays a major role in the European countries and the Czech Republic.

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